Temporary Visas

Temporary Visas

Most visitors to Canada are allowed to remain for a six month period from the date of their arrival when their passport is stamped by an Immigration Officer at the Port of Entry. You are then expected to leave on or before the end of the six month period. Sometimes however there are valid reasons to extend your stay. In such a case you need to get approval to do so. This approval is important, as it allows you to remain with legal status, and leaves your options open to return for future visits, or to apply for Permanent Residence at a future date.

Success Immigration Services can assist you in obtaining a temporary visa or renewal of an existing temporary visa.


Important Information for Non-Canadians Seeking Work in Canada

passportThe Canadian foreign worker Work Permit process is often misunderstood by potential applicants. Many think that a third party can find jobs for foreign nationals and get them Work Permits, or that they can arrive under a temporary visitor status and then automatically move to an higher category of getting a work permit. That is not realistic and not allowed.

Work permits for foreign nationals (citizenship is non-Canadian) in Canada are restricted to a specific employer. Foreign nationals can not first obtain a work permit and next seek any type of employment anywhere in the country. They must first find a suitable employer and then apply for a work permit. It is up to the individual to find a suitable employer. Success Immigration Services specifically deals with the immigration process of our clients and applicants. We assist with all of the Immigration work after an applicant has been in contact with an employer directly and has been made a job offer. That being said, Success Immigration Services differs from most Canadian Immigration Companies in that we operate several subsidary employment companies and work with several associate employment companies that do specialize in finding qualified foreign national workers for Canadian companies in almost all business sectors. Visit our Skilled Worker page for full details.

Those born in the U.S. or Mexico may be exempt from the HRSDC process under NAFTA, and we will assess this when working with you.

Some applicants are simply seeking temporary work in Canada. Others who have already applied to Canada Immigration as Skilled Workers with the intent of becoming a Canadian citizen or a Canadian Permanent Resident will benefit from the additional points that are often critical to the success of their application.