Skilled Workers

Skilled Workers

Canada is presently facing severe labour shortages in several employment sectors. We have a birth rate which is lower than our death rate so we consequently rely on immigrants to keep our population growing. The Canadian economy is currently undergoing unprecedented growth, and both the Federal and Provincial Governments encourage immigration to help keep pace with our economic growth. Consequently, there exists a tremendous opportunity for foreign nationals who would like to immigrate, work, or create a new business or buy an eligible existing Canadian business.

Our people at Success Immigration Services Canada Ltd (SIS) specialize in assisting foreign nationals to immigrate to Canada. We operate several specialized subsidiary and partner employment services which concentrate exclusively finding jobs in Canada for foreign workers. Each company offers individualized personal service and attention to all qualified immigrants, international workers, investors and entrepreneurs interested in each specialized business sector.. Whether your goal is to obtain Canadian citizenship or a required work visa, SIS can assist you to ensure that you have the highest level of success fulfilling the Government of Canada official requirements. It is important to note that it is also possible to qualify under these programs if you are interested in working in Canada for a period without later becoming a Canadian citizen.

Success Immigration Services can provide entire immigration and employment services for qualified applicants.

Federal and provincial governments of Canada have special incentive programs that encourage foreign nationals who wish to start a new Canadian business or to purchase a qualifying existing business in Canada. At SIS we have an established area of our immigration service business specifically developed for foreign entrepreneurs and investors wishing to immigrate or reside in Canada.SIS works closely with you so you can know and meet all of the requirements of each program. Our Entrepreneur’s and Investment Service care always specialized by necessity given the scope of most investments under the Entrepreneur’s program. See our Business Class Immigration Section for details and opportunities.

Simply complete our Online Evaluation Questionnaire and submit it to Success Immigration. Within one week of receiving your completed questionnaire, we will advise you of your chances for immigrating to Canada, as well as the cost of our services. This is a FREE service.

Please note that Success Immigration treats each questionnaire with strict confidentiality.

If, in our estimation, you qualify to apply for immigration to Canada, a fee will be required at the time of signing an engagement contract with Success Immigration, and the balance due upon successful completion of your immigration application.