Corporate Class

Corporate Immigration

handshakeSuccess Immigration is pleased to offer to our corporate clients a full range of immigration services to support your business needs.

Many companies located in Canada are multi-national by nature. SIS can easily take care of all of the details for of bringing international corporate employees to work in your Canadian facilities. SIS can assist with:

  • NAFTA Work Permits
  • Temporary Foreign Work Permits
  • Inter-company transferees: Management, Executive and Specialized Knowledge Workers
  • HRDC Labour Market Opinion confirmation – validation letters to allow you to hire a foreign national.
  • Extensions – renewals of Temporary Foreign Worker permits
  • Work and study permits for family members of inter-company transferees

SIS has a very high success rate in obtaining NAFTA Professional Work Permits, and regular Work Permits that require HRDC confirmation letters for our Foreign National clients. We ensure that all the HRDC requirements are met to obtain a successful Labour Market Opinion letter which demonstrats that there is a labour market shortage in the area which you are recruiting for.

We will be glad to assess your qualifications for corporate immigration to Canada.