Job & Specialized Services

Employment and Specialized Services

Our people at Success Immigration Services Canada Ltd (SIS) specialize in assisting foreign nationals to immigrate to Canada.Success Immigration offers individualized personal service and attention to all immigrants, international workers, investors, entrepreneurs, students and tourists. Whether your goal is to obtain Canadian citizenship, long term residency, or a required work or visitor visa, SIS can assist you to ensure that you have the highest level of success fufilling the Government of Canada official requirements.

Helping you assemble your individual immigration application package, preparing you for your official immigration interview and ensuring that all of your application requirements have been met prior to applying are our main services. We differ from most Canadian Immigration services in that our associate companies can also arrange for employment of eligible applicants under any of our various programs such as skilled workers . Successful employment applicants are hired directly by the company that they will work for. You are not hired by our company.

Our Entrepreneur’s and Investment Services are always specialized by necessity given the scope of most investments under the Entrepreneur’s program. At SIS we have an established area of our immigration service business specifically developed for foreign entrepreneurs and investors wishing to immigrate or reside in Canada. Federal and provincial governments of Canada have special incentive programs that encourage foreign nationals to start a new Canadian business or to purchase a qualifying existing business in Canada. SIS works closely with you so you can know and meet all of the requirements of each program. See our Business Class Immigration Section for details and opportunities.

For the benefit of Canadian employers, each of our employment companies focuses on a specific industrial or business sector. Each area is represented by our specialists in that particular field and all sectors are included.

CdnWork is dedicated to helping Canadian employers find suitable workers. Professional sectors such as medical, healthcare, nursing, pharmacists, information technology (IT) and specialized professional workers.

Canadian Truckers matches drivers, mechanics, fabricators, welders and related workers with employers in the transportation and pipeline industries.

Food Services Canada If you have experience working in the hospitality industry and wish to work in Canada, we will work with you to match you with employers who are seeking to recruit employees from international destinations.

Home Care Nannies specializes in home infant, special needs, adult and geriatric care. Employees are needed in most areas of the home care sector.

Room Service Canada specializes in servicing the hotel and restaurant and service industry.

WorldNet Placement Services specialize in the oil, gas & mining industries.

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If, in our estimation, you qualify to apply for immigration to Canada, a fee will be required at the time of signing an engagement contract with Success Immigration, and the balance due upon successful completion of your immigration application.