Advice & Review

Advice and Application Review

Success Immigration can assist you in perfecting an application that you may have started, or we can help you with problems on an application that is already in process.

adviceMany immigration applicants start the process of applying for immigration to Canada on their own with the best of intentions. The requirements of the application process are rigorous and often months go by without knowing why your application is being held up. The professionals as SIS will examine your application with the utmost of attention. They are highly experienced at finding even the smallest of omissions or errors that can delay your entire immigration process. Our interview process ensures that we are intimately familiar with all of your unique considerations and circumstances that need to be reported on the Canadian Immigration application.

After a brief free assessment, you may wish to retain our company to answer detailed questions about the Canadian immigration process or discuss your options in greater detail as related to your own circumstances. We can coach you on other Immigration and Citizenship matters: review forms, supporting documents and submissions you prepared and wish to submit yourself, coaching in preparation for skilled worker or family sponsorship interviews. We can also help repair or minimize problems (correcting errors and omissions, adding a family member, updating your applications in process to reflect changes in circumstances, responding to challenges from a visa officer, etc.) with Citizenship and Immigration Canada on an application that is already in process.